New Zealand has a possum problem. The furry Australian brushtail possum was introduced into our country in the early 1800s. But without the predators it has back home, the pest population has grown out of control. There is a broken link in the food chain.

New Zealand now has an estimated 45 million possums roaming around, causing significant harm to forests and native wildlife. They are also harming the dairy industry – an important part of the country’s economy – by spreading bovine tuberculosis to cattle and deer.

Conservation efforts are in full force, with New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, regional councils and other agencies working to save the country’s ecosystems. Fur recovery is seen as one of the ways to help control the destructive pest.

At Bear Cottage, we support these conservation efforts, purchasing fur from accredited hunters and transforming it into luxuriously soft, warm bedding and accessories that can be enjoyed for decades to come. The fur we use complies with the International Fur Trade Federation Agreement and is considered ethical and sustainable.

They damage our native forest. They eat the new growth leaving the old as well as eating berries and flowers. Often trees will end up dying.

They compete with the native birds by eating insects and berries as well as eating their eggs and chicks, of which many are endangered species.

They can damage crops as well as people’s gardens.

They are a nuisance in suburban gardens.

They spread bovine tuberculosis in cattle and deer which is damaging to the dairy industry.

Possums about
Possums about

About Textiles

Possum Fur

Soft, warm, luxurious

The brushtail possum has a coat of valuable fur, with its characteristics only seen in one other species; the polar bear. The fabric offers superior warmth while being incredibly light. Possum fur is also incredibly soft, making it a luxurious fabric to wear through winter.


Strong, snug, gentle

Merino fleece has a good reputation around the world for being gentle yet long-lasting. The fine fibres of wool are comfortable to wear and will keep you warm in a range of conditions. When blended with possum fur, it makes premium breathable garments.

Mulberry Silk

Sleek, fine, exceptional

Pure mulberry silk has long been thought of as one of the world’s most luxurious natural fibres. It is the highest quality silk around. With hypoallergenic and breathable properties, it is the perfect material blend into wool clothing to make it ultra-soft and comfortable.

Lambskin Leather

Smooth, supple, superior

All leather used on our garments is hand-washable, genuine lambskin leather. This is the softest and most supple leather available for the ultimate in luxury. With the right care, you can be sure this premium fabric will withstand the test of time.