Bear Cottage was created in the early 2000s by Rhys Bugden and his mother Pam Greenhalgh. They started by making teddy bears, transforming synthetic fabrics into cuddly children’s toys. Rhys’ grandmother was a toymaker who passed down her meticulous crafting skills to the next generations.

Over time, Rhys and Pam’s creations evolved and they experimented with new fabrics. Their craft is now focused on designing and fashioning bespoke clothing accessories and homely decor out of luxurious fur.
The mother-son duo make deluxe possum fur blankets, cushions and clothing, including hats, scarves and slippers. They made the switch to possum fur in the name of conservation. The predators are destroying New Zealand’s pure forests and native wildlife. Instead of possum fur going to waste when the pests are hunted, Rhys and Pam have made the most of the fine, super-soft fibres.

Bear Cottage’s owners lovingly hand-make each possum fur piece in their home workshop, based in sunny Whakatane on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

While their artistry has moved on from bears, the Bear Cottage name is reminiscent of where it all started. Bear Cottage now sells some of the most popular teddy bears in the world, stocking a range of Gund bears and Paddington bears. Selling only the best, the online store also stocks high-end merino wool clothing, made in New Zealand by McDonald Textiles with the finest fibres.