Bear Cottage makes various types of possum fur teddy bears. They come in various sizes and prices. All the possum fur teddy bears have movable joints with cotter pins. The pads of the possum fur teddy bears are made from leather and have polyester stuffing. Each bear also has flock nose and glass eyes. Because of the glass eyes these are not for children as can be a choking hazard. The brushtail possum is a small marsupial with a coat of unique, valuable fur. The secret of this fur’s warmth is its hollow structure, an attribute found in only one other species – the polar bear. With air trapped inside the fibre the fur provides sumptuous warmth, natural insulation and incredible lightness. In New Zealand this possum is also a major threat to our native wildlife – and its use in high-end fashion helps bolster our country’s conservation efforts. Possum products must not be left out in the sun. Sunlight even through a window will cause damage. The fur will fade and the hides will disintegrate. Possums are nocturnal marsupials and therefore their hides are not toughened nor conditioned for the sun.